The 2nd Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable was held this year in June in Sochi, Russia on the Blacksea coast. The event was attended by the representatives of the leading international insurance and reinsurance companies:

Martina Ringeisen, Manuel Bezjak - Swiss Re
Stefan Saur, Sabine Knaus - Munich Re
Michael Wennin, Tomasz Zgadzaj - Hannover Re
Gerhard Hurek, Rafael Arranz Revenga - Mapfre Re
Philipp Oesch - Nationale Suisse
Peter Tailby - ARIG
Michal Zelaskiewicz, Magdalena Czaja - Polish Re
Matia Cazzaniga - Zurich
Eric Bentz – SCOR  

Representatives of the leading Russian insurance companies:
Vladimir Chubukov, Sergey Moscovskih, Denis Nikolaicev- ZAO "GEFEST"
Oleg Romanov - OJSC "Allianz"
Elena Petluk - "Rosgosstrakh" LLC
Vitaliy Valuk - OJSC "SOGAZ"
Sofya Bogdanova, Pavel Matyaschuk - CJSC "TRANSNEFT"
Andrey Emelyanov - OJSC "AlfaStrahovaniye"
Evgeny Karasev – CJSC "Chartis"
Eduard Herman - "Zurich" LLC
Mikhail Ermishkin, Dmitry Fokichev - "Pomosch" LLC
Anton Reznikov - "Construction Insurance Group" LLC  

Representatives of Russian reinsurance companies:
Maria Morozova, Russian Reinsurance Company (Russian Re)
Alexey Demkin, Transsiberian Reinsurance Company (Transsib Re)
Yaroslav Shekhovtsov, Pavel Maximov, Moscow Reinsurance Company (Moscow Re)

The Roundtable was also attended by a special guest, Ekkehard Hettler – the former Munich Re Senior Engineering underwriter and currently a consultant on insurance and reinsurance of Engineering risks.

At the event, six actual topics on insurance of technical risks were presented for discussion in a form of presentations. They included: Comprehensive Insurance of Investment Projects - Polish Re, Period of Coverage - Munich Re, Maintenance Covers - OJSC «Alliance», Loss Prevention On Construction Sites - SAO «GEFEST», Roads Risk Assessment - Swiss Re, Large Projects (Russian Local): Aspects of Underwriting & Risk Management – OJSC «Alfa Strahovaniye". Each presentation was accompanied by a lively discussion, which allowed participants to share professional knowledge and experience.

Within the framework of the event there was an organized visit to the construction sites of the facilities, where Winter Olympic Games of 2014 will be held. Participants of the Round Table visited the Olympic Media Center, road interchanges, tunnels and overpasses insured by some of the companies participating at the Roundtable.

Summing up the 2nd Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable, the participants agreed that this event provides a unique opportunity to share experience and compare the current practice of insurance and reinsurance of large engineering projects in Russian and worldwide.

Taking into account the positive feedback, Reunion AG is going to organize the 3rd Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable in 2013.

Feedback from participants of the 2nd Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable:

Oleg Romanov, Allianz:
It’s a great idea to visit the main construction sites in Sochi. It is a good chance to see it with own eyes. The format of the event seems to be very successful - brief reports on actual topics and lively discussion. I hope we can keep this up.

Michal Zelaskiewicz, Polish Re:
All discussions were useful as this was a great platform to exchange experience.

Magdalena Czaja, Polish Re:
Even exceeding my expectations, which is great. Every topic that was touched on during the roundtable was useful as it provided a great platform for exchanging experience on many different topics.

Michael Wennin, Hannover Re:
It was really a great event. It was very well organized and extremely helpful to me.

Peter Tailby, ARIG:
Good interaction between participants for knowledge sharing. Congratulations on organizing a well planned and informative two-day event.