The Third Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable was held on June 6-7, 2013 in Montreux, Switzerland. The main topic of the Third Roundtable has been defined as "Risk Management and Claims Handling."

The event was attended by the representatives of the international insurance and reinsurance companies:

Martina Ringeisen, Manuel Bezjak, Ulrich Werwigk, Philipp Sager - Swiss Re

Stefan Saur - Munich Re

Tomasz Zgadzaj - Hannover Re

Gerhard Hurek - Mapfre Re

Kurt Gebistorf, Matthias Furter - Nationale Suisse

Peter Tailby - ARIG

Michal Zelaskiewicz, Magdalena Czaja - Polish Re

Eric Bentz - SCOR

Robert Maurer, Dr. Andreas Shell - Allianz, Munich

Jean Francois Rossetto - ACE

Ivan Samsonov - AzRe

Simon Marshall - Navigators of Lloyd's of London

Petr Mares - VIG Re

Dario Popovic, Dr. Sylva de Fluiter - Infrassure Ltd.

Representatives of the Russian insurance companies:

Vladimir Karyukin, Sergei Moscow - CAO "Gefest"

Pavel Smirnov-Nebosklonov - OJSC "Allianz"

Igor Ryzhkin - "Rosgosstrakh"

Roman Emelyanov - OJSC "SOGAZ"

Tatiana Danilova - JSC "Transneft"

Andrey Emelyanov - OJSC "Alfa Insurance"

Alla Loktaeva, Michail Ermishkin - LLC "Pomosch"

Peter Naumenko - British Insurance House

Alexander Potitov - Liberty Insurance

Representatives of the Russian reinsurance companies:

Maria Morozova - Russian Reinsurance Company

Yulia Kendyuhova - Transsibre

Svetlana Chepeleva - Unity Re

Pavel Maximov - Moscow Reinsurance Company

For the first time the representatives of service companies:

Alexey Shtanko - Russurvey, Moscow

Eugene Malachinsky, Daniil Cherepanov - Cunningham Lindsey, Moscow

On the first day of the conference six topics were presented and discussed within the overall theme of the Third Roundtable by the representatives of the following companies: Risk assessment of facilities under construction and erection for insurance purposes (Russurvey), Requirements to the liability insurance of builders (Rosgosstrakh), CAR / EAR Claims Settlement Practices in Russia (Cunningham Lindsey), Claims Handling in Russia (Allianz), Risk Management and Claims Handling (Swiss Re), Major claims experiences and possible improvements (SCOR). Each presentation was followed by a discussion, which allowed the participants to share their professional knowledge and experience.


On the second day a site visit High Alpine Hydroelectric Power Plant Nant de Drance was organized. During the visit the participants were presented the risk management system of the facility, located at an altitude of 2,225 m and 1,930 m above sea level and inspected the main parts of the construction site.

Summarizing the results of the Third Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable, the participants noted the original character of the event, which makes it possible to compare the current practice of insurance of large engineering projects in Russia with international experience, and provides a convenient platform for networking of professionals  in the field of engineering projects insurance.

Some feedback from participants:

"Thank you so much for such a professional organization and the importance of the annual conference" (Andrey Emelyanov, OAO "Alfa Insurance")

«Interesting subject, extraordinary organization and friendly atmosphere are making your event unique and unforgettable» (Magdalena Czaja, Polish Re)

"It was a very high level" (Roman Emelyanov, JSC "Sogas").

«Thank you all for your hospitality and professionalism. Your Roundtable is a great experience » (Jean Fracois Rosetto, ACE)

Taking into account the positive reviews, Reunion AG plans to organize the Fourth Round Table in 2014.